About Us

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About us

A successful packaging and labeling may be much more effective advertisement than many expensive campaigns on TV or on other published media. Because this "media" is the closest one both to the product and consumer, and therefore, is the most concrete advertisement, indicating the quality of the product. Sheila Packaging has been advertising and protecting products for distribution, storage and sale since its inception in 1977. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Corrugated Carton Boxes. Our company also offers labels for different kinds of packages.

We are calibrated to supply corrugated cases in various styles and board in the grades of 3-ply, 5 ply and 7 ply. Our strength lies in the unique combination of skilled workforce, wide customer base and innovative market-driven products. Furthermore, our employees continuously focus on creating sustainable strategic alliances with the raw material vendors in order to ensure excellent quality of the final products. Timely delivery of the ordered product is crucial for survival in this industry. We understand this and make sure that our distribution facility is fully prepared to take up any challenge arising out of fluctuations in demand. Owing to all these, we have a wide customer base. Our products are regularly exported to Dubai, Australia and Germany. We are affiliated to Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association, South India Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association and Ambathu Industrial Estate Manufacturers Association (AIEMA).

Product Range

Driven by quality, we understand the needs of our clients and therefore strive to provide our products to them on time and at the best prices. Sheila Packaging is engaged in the manufacture and export of the following:-

Corrugated Carton Boxes

Primary cartons Narrow flute and E-flute (with lamination/varnish coating)

Master cartons 3-ply, 5 ply and 7 ply

Mono Cartons

Multi-Colour Cartons

Cartons for Fruits

Cartons for Automobiles Parts


inside the boxes for protection of fragile goods in particular


Owing to our superior quality of the products we have a vast clientele consisting of some of the most renowned names from different sectors (automobile, pharmaceuticals, liquor).

Quality Assurance

Since its inception, Dhanlaxmi Packaging has come a long way in the manufacture and export of the aforesaid products. Today we stand as one of the most trusted and reputed names among all the customers in the industry. The quality of our products is assured by a well defined Quality Policy and procedures which are in conformance with the international standards. Each product undergoes a prescribed range of tests based on the industrial parameters under the supervision of our quality inspectors.


The success of Dhanlaxmi Packaging is the culmination of efficient planning and professionalism by the management. Our company has an in-house team of engineers. The company trains and directs this team in matters of intricacies of the packaging industry. And the team follows the best practices in the business and ensures high quality. Our production process conforms to the international standards of manufacturing. The manufacturing unit is well equipped with the hi-tech machinery for Lamination, Cutting and Labeling; which enable us to produce 150 tonnes per month. Our large storehouse is another asset of our company, which enables us to meet any unforeseen demands arising due to market forces.

Latest Product Name

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